• Guidance & Counseling

    Guidance & Counseling

    Our counselors will help guide your child through the college application and admissions process.


The Northwest Christian Education counseling program is provided for all students in grades 9-12. It includes one-on-one coaching sessions on subjects such as selecting the right college, college entrance exam preparation, college application assistance, parent resources, and scholarship or financial aid resources.

The counselor will help your child prepare for the PSAT and SAT exams and will guide your child through the college application and admissions process, in addition to helping your child build a personalized higher-education and career plan.

For seniors, a counselor plays a key role in keeping students focused and on track for graduation. A counselor coordinates with the student’s teachers, write college recommendation letters, and assists in the preparation of college application essays.

Through our AP Program, rigorous coursework, and emphasis on independent study skills, NCE graduates are uniquely qualified to thrive in a college environment.

Northwest Christian Education Is Accredited by AdvancED